Retail Security

Retail stores and shopping centers are in increasing need for superior security. Shoplifters routinely fill their bags with merchandise and exit the store undetected. Meanwhile employee theft can occur right under management’s nose. Fortunately, Assured protection services can provide the right plan of action to put a stop to theft and shrinkage.

The presence of a smartly dressed and highly trained Security Guard in your store equipped with radio communication provides a great deterrent and is a real source of comfort for your employees. The guard can be called upon when assistance is required, especially important where violence or threat of violence exists. Our guards are carefully selected to ensure they are suitable for a retail environment and receive the necessary training to enable them to perform their job successfully.

Tristar Security Solution acknowledges and accepts the varied challenges associated with retail security. There is nothing more important than providing a positive image of safety and a friendly invitation to your customers and employees. Genuine public relation is first and foremost on our mind and constitutes the justification of our existence. It is our priority is to maintain a visible, accessible presence in the retail location. Officers are trained to perform multiple functions while on patrol.

  • Assisting Customers
  • Conducting routine inspections of the facility to maintain security and protection of assets.
  • Ability to handle difficult situations with professionalism and due diligence
  • Ability to perceive situations as accurately as possible
  • Observe & Report Safety Hazards
  • Observe & Report Equipment Malfunctions
  • Incident Reporting
  • Performing Safety inspections
  • Any other tasks as assigned by manager.
  • We deliver superior retail security services matched in the industry. Tristar Security Solution will guarantee to deliver the level of service required from our highly experienced security guards and management.
  • Our goal is to protect your assets as well as present a professional image that represents the reputation your business has established.